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Pipeline Project

A true end to end pipeline solution that will cut your pipeline reporting time by more than half.

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The Most Flexible Solution To Date

With our new Leica Captivate Pipeline application, you can start collecting data at any point in the process and from any source. The application’s non-linear approach will allow your project to get jump started without any tedious and long-winded setup procedures. It is capable of consolidating various types of data from various sources and able to reconcile it all into one singular, sharable set.

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Full Blue Sky
Database Integration

Make your life easier without lengthy data entry. Simply sync your data and you are ready to go. If you are using the Blue Sky Solution set, then the Leica Captivate Pipeline solution will fit like a glove.

Get The Features You
Need When You Need Them

Not only does the Leica Captivate Pipeline solution facilitate intelligent and automated joint tracking, it also tracks and creates PUPS with ease.

Here Are Just Some Of The Features That Will Make Your Job Easier

  • Easy Automated weld mapping
  • Automatic depth coverage calculations
  • Final measured joint length comparison
  • Automatic Joint Attribute linking
  • Barcode support
  • Intelligent redundant checks before pipe is installed

and much more...

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